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Forest Trees

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Plant Health Care is the best solution for maintaining your property’s trees over the long haul; it’s total health care for your trees. Our PHC program is designed for clients who are looking to save time, money and frustration by being proactive in the health of their trees and landscape.

In a wooded environment, trees and shrubs naturally thrive in the rich, organic forest soil. In our backyards, trees are forced to compete with our lawns and other plants, and we frequently remove fallen leaves, organic matter and other potential sources of nutrient recycling that would naturally have helped them thrive.

Applying a slow-release tree fertilizer is one of the most important things needed to replace those nutrients. Tree fertilization can also help your trees expand root systems for better anchorage and overall vitality. Plus, you’ll be treated to the better blooming, luxurious foliage and enhanced vitality of healthy trees while adding value to your property.

Contact your local Henry Tree certified arborist for more information on how a PHC program can help you reach your property goals.

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Some of our plant health care solutions include:

  • Air spade instruments to relieve soil compaction

  • Soil remediation techniques

  • Supplemental nutrition

  • Supplemental irrigation

  • As well as other tree remediation tools

Other Residential Tree Services

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