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Aerial Forest

Environmental Consulting Services



Henry Tree's Environmental Consulting team is your committed partner for natural resource planning and management. We offer a wide and growing variety of consulting services, including: urban and community forestry management, fire prevention and mitigation services,  and invasive species management.

We understand the complex ecosystems, resource challenges, and regulatory concerns that impact the success of any environmental project. No matter the location—dense city core or a remote rural site—we leverage our creativity and expertise to deliver reliable, turn-key ecological consulting services. We combine the latest technologies with time-tested techniques to provide high-quality results in a timely and professional manner.



   Henry Tree Co. is proud to announce our collaboration with Creekside Compost.

  Creekside Compost, LLC are an On-Farm Landscape Waste Compost Facility as well as a Clean Construction or Demolition Debris site.

  Creekside Compost has more than 60 years of combined experience in the agricultural, landscape, and construction industries.


  Our partnership with Creekside Compost is just another way that Henry Tree Co is showing our commitment to sustainability and               environmental consulting.

Check their website out below


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